*Please keep in mind that this is all subject to change as we have to follow proper CDC guidelines and state laws. Our first priority is the safety of our students.

Outdoor Pods & Privates: COVID Protocol


  • Day of your class please have turned in your COVID Questionnaire.

  • Please reach out to your party prior to the class to discuss what your group as a whole is comfortable with in regards to COVID risk tolerance. Please make sure that this is very clear with your group and with me so that I know how to handle your wishes as a whole before the start of the class.

  • No matter what is decided within the dance pod, Ms.Maria will have to be 6 feet apart from the group which will be laid out upon arrival.  At no point will Ms.Maria have direct contact with students. The CDC also recommends that each student also be 6 feet apart from each other to keep a lower risk.

  •  Hand sanitizer will be available to each group. Children should use the sanitizer before and after class.

  •  There will be no props that children will handle to limit spread of germs. 

  • If you have smaller children and feel that they are not able to maintain social distancing a parent should accompany them. Also, a Parent should be available for bathroom requests or in case children need direct contact. 

  • Location for the dance pods and privates are offered to be by LIC Landing or your own personal outdoor space.

Outdoor Privates

  • 45 min 

  • $60

  • 10 class